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If you think of partying – this is the place to go. The club is located at Małe Garbary, very close to Stary Rynek, which is a great placement. It is easy to spot, thanks to the big sign with the name of the club on it. Although HAH is a gay club, people of any sexual orientation are welcome, as there is no place for discrimination.

The club is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays every week from 10 p.m. till morning. The costs of admission differ, on Tuesday it is free (as it is a students’ party), on Friday it is 10 zł, and on Saturday it is 15 zł. However, there is a way to enter the club for free on any of these days, namely – by passwords. You can get them by sending an e-mail to the club, which then will send you an e-mail with all the passwords for a given week. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

When you finally enter and leave your outerwear (2 zł apiece), you’ve got a choice where to go. There are 3 rooms in total: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. The first one you will see is Purgatory. In this room you can smoke and chill out, as the music is generally quite calm. To the right of Purgatory is Hell. This is the biggest room there, and usually, the emptiest. Somewhere there you can find darkrooms, but I do not know the precise location... The music played in Hell differs from party to party. At times you can find some concerts having place there (then of course the room isn’t empty at all). However, the most crowded place in the whole club is definitely Heaven, located upstairs from Purgatory. Be prepared for a great crush (but that’s what we like, right?). The music played there is mostly house, electro and radio hits.

When it comes to drinks, the prices are the same in all the rooms. They are not very high, but of course don’t expect cheap drinks.

In general, HAH is a great place to dance and have fun. There is no club with better music in Poznań, so it is really worth checking out! Furthermore, as a gay club, HAH is a very safe place. You can be sure that you won’t see any brawls there.

Author: Rafał
ul. Małe Garbary 6, 61-756 Poznań
Opening hours:

Thu: 22:00 - Open end

Fri: 22:00 - Open end

Sat: 22:00 - Open end

Entrance fee:
free (Thu) / €2 (Fri) / €3,5 (Sat)