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Even in the Mecca of unique venues that is Berlin, you would be hard pushed to find a place able to rival this bonafide Kreuzberg institution. Bar and club it merely appears to be on the surface, dig a little deeper in Club der Visionäre’s pockets and you’ll find a lot more lurking around than your standard spare bits of change and used gum wrappers. It's not like all those others you see... Beneath its pretty veneer, this place has real soul - which goes some way in explaining its standing power in the face of hard competition. Open for business only in the Summer months, Berliners would be lying to you if they said they didn’t greet the dawn of Spring with the happy thoughts of soon being able to lie lazily reading a book in the Club's leafy surrounds. Serving up fresh stone-baked pizzas, reasonably-priced drinks and great live music at its idyllic location sitting right on the River Spree, Mama Club der Visionäre certainly goes all out to keep her kids happy. Partygoers are led to the dance by the dedicated team of music lovers running the place, whereas those more inclined for a chill are soothingly lulled into a trance by dreamy views of the River Spree.

Author: Mihret Yohannes
Am Flutgraben 1, 12435 Berlin
Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 14.00 - open end

Sat-Sun: 12.00 – open End

Price range:
€2 - €20